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You must,” I answered. If you miss with the first barrel, let him have the second. Sight for 150 yards, and wait till the beast turns broadside on.”

Two men at once departed, running swiftly.

I will fight, Ignosi,” was Sir Henry’s answer.

So we left it. Perhaps, in some remote unborn century, a more fortunate explorer may hit upon the Open Sesame,” and flood the world with gems. But, myself, I doubt it. Somehow, I seem to feel that the tens of millions of pounds’ worth of jewels which lie in the three stone coffers will never shine round the neck of an earthly beauty. They and Foulata’s bones will keep cold company till the end of all things.

Nay, I will show thee. Only let me live, let me sit in the sun and have a bit of meat to suck, and I will show thee.”

‘And what might that be?’ I said, for I was curious. ‘Is it gold?’

As soon as they were clear of the town the regiments formed up. Then one body marched off to the right, one to the left, and the third came on slowly towards us.

Ignosi,” said Sir Henry, promise me one thing.”


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