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sexually transmitted infections definition oxford

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  Immediately they turned for shore, the canoes were overfreighted, and asthe sea rose, frequently shipped water.

  With tears in his eyes, he made the kindest and most judicious offers ofassistance. He saw Columbus's dejection, and tried to relieve him byexpressions of his sympathy. He set aside on shore two large houses toreceive the stores that were on the Santa Maria, and appointed as manylarge canoes as could be used to remove these stores to the land. Heassured Columbus that not a bit of the cargo or stores should be lost, andthis loyal promise was fulfilled to the letter.

  Columbus was obliged to accede to terms as insolent as these, and therebels even added a stipulation, that if he should fail in fulfilling either ofthese articles, they might compel him to comply, by force or any othermeans. Thus was he hampered in the very position where, by the king'sorders, and indeed, one would say, by the right of discovery, he was thesupreme master.

  On the day last named Pinzon left the Admiral in the Pinta, and they didnot meet again for more than a month.

  "The Admiral called the two captains and the others who went ashore,and Rodrigo Descovedo, Notary of the whole fleet, and Rodrigo Sanchezof Segovia, and he said that they must give him their faith and witnesshow he took possession before all others, as in fact he did take possessionof the said island for the king and the queen, his lord and lady. . . . Soonmany people of the island assembled. These which follow are the verywords of the Admiral, in his book of his first navigation and discovery ofthese Indies."October 11-12. "So that they may feel great friendship for us, andbecause I knew that they were a people who would be better delivered andconverted to our Holy Faith by love than by force, I gave to some of themred caps and glass bells which they put round their necks, and many otherthings of little value, in which they took much pleasure, and they remainedso friendly to us that it was wonderful.

  [*] This is supposed to be Caico del Norte.

  During the first day Columbus spent here, many men and womencame to the water's edge, "looking at the fleet and wondering at such anew thing; and when any boat came ashore to talk with them, saying,'tayno, tayno,' which means good. But they were all ready to run whenthey seemed in danger, so that of the men only two could be taken byforce or free-will. There were taken more than twenty women of thecaptives, and of their free-will came other women, born in other islands,who were stolen away and taken by force. Certain captive boys came to us.

  Third. The second island, Santa Maria, is described as having twosides which made a right angle, and the length of each is given. Thispoints directly to Crooked and Acklin. Both form one island, so fitted tothe words of the journal as cannot be done with any other land of theBahamas.


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