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On the sixteenth day from her departure, she was in latitude 51°, 4', 28" N.; longitude 31°, 10', 2" W.; course, E. by N. In going from Cape Race, the southern point of Newfoundland, to Cape Clear, the southern point of Ireland, the Young America did not lay a straight course, as it would appear when drawn on a map or chart. La Rochelle, on the western coast of France, and Cape Race are nearly on the same parallel of latitude, and the former is exactly east of the latter. But the parallel on which both points lie would not be the shortest line between them. A great circle, extending entirely around the earth in the broadest part, going through both, would {262} not coincide with the parallel, but would run to the north of it a considerable distance at a point half way between the two places, the separation diminishing each way till the great circle crosses the parallel at Cape Race and La Rochelle. The shortest course between the two points, therefore, would be the arc of the great circle lying between them. A skilful navigator would find and follow this track. This is called great circle sailing.

"Humph! It's a pretty time to talk so, after the whole thing is let out."

"That will do, Wilton? I don't wish to hear anything more about that matter. Your testimony against Shuffles, under present circumstances, is not worth the breath you use in uttering it."


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